Friday, February 17, 2012

The Future of Turkey Mountain???

Somehow, the serenity of the trailz will not be the same.By the time they widen Elwood (taking out Lipbuster) and 61st (wiping out a lot of trailz there as well, we'll have our remaining trailz scrunched up into maybe 65% of the area it is now.
Good luck finding a parking place--oh wait--our parking lot is gone now.
But you can leave your headlamps at home, since the plan is to install lights on a lot of the trailz.
Another cool thing--you could get a funnel cake and a $6.00 coke after a run--after you paid your $30.00 to get in.
What's next?? Gotta have more hotels for people to stay. There's lots of land further north on the yellow trail for development.
Best of all, we'll be bringing in lots of new people and their money into our city!Let's put a quick end to this.

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