Monday, March 18, 2013


Posted on Facebook at 1:00 PM Monday: TZ and TATUR Racing are considering putting on a NEW RACE EVENT on Turkey Mountain in June. It will be called The LIPBUSTER CHALLENGE. It will be a one hour timed event--you guessed it--how many times can you go up and down LipBuster. There will be several heats with 25-50 runners allowed in each heat. The second heat of the day will be a "competitive" heat, in which there will be a $100 cash prize to the men's and women's winner. Everyone in the heats who does at least a REPEAT (one trip up and down, AND a repeat--one more up and down = two trips and by definition a repeat) will receive an ENORMOUS finishing medal. We are working out the details for awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. Not sure if those will be awarded by heat, or by the overall times in all the heats.

We are looking for FEEDBACK. Who would be interested in participating in such an event? This would also be a fantastic specTATUR event, with the base of the LipBuster trail lined with tents and lawn chairs watching people scream up and down the trail. We are stoked about this and are trying to get a feel as to how many crazies would be willing to throw their hat in the ring. Who's up for a few repeats?

As of 10:50 PM on Monday, we have had OVERWHELMING interest and support (over 100 enthusiastic YES votes) for this proposed race, which just goes to show that trail runners are masochistic! This race, which was just an idea tossed around during the noon hour today is now a planned event, and you can sign up here. For those who are on the TATUR roster, contact me for your discount code.

Sunday June 16 is the day, so put it on your calendar. As of now, we are planning on an open heat at 7:00 am. at 8:15 we'll have an elite/hardcore heat limited to 25 runners who want to go 110% percent. There will be cash awards for the man and woman who run the most repeats. In event of a tie, we'll decide the winner based on their time finishing their last completed repeat.

After the elite/hardcore heat, we'll have another open heat and those wanting to go a little easier, or even walk the whole way are welcome to participate in this wave. We are also considering another challenge that involves teams toting something heavy up the hill. Water to dump into large barrels at the top of the hill? Or greased watermelons? We're brainstorming.

We'll have the exact starting line and turn-around point determined in a few days, and we are thinking the trip up will be about .25-.3 miles with 110-125 feet of climb per trip up.

We encourage folks to come out and cheer the sicko-runners on. Bring your lawn chairs, ice chests, noise makers, music, and costumes. We expect some heavy competition for bragging rights. We expect a lot of the ladies will be whipping the guys on the climbing. What are you made of? How many trips up and down will the best of the best be able to do in the inaugural LIPBUSTER CHALLENGE?

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