Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snake Run Report

Sunday was the 6th running of the TATUR Six Hour and Three Hour Snake Run. This is Oklahoma's OLDEST trail run measured by time rather than distance, a record of which I am particularly proud. The format: how far can you run on easy trails in six hours, or three hours. This is a great event for one to try trailz for the first time--there are really no hills (ok, a couple of very gradual inclines) and very few technical areas (ok, a couple of very brief rocky spots.) The winner? The one who runs the farthest in six or three hours.

A race like this could not happen without lots of volunteers, and we are blessed. There was never a time in set-up, during the race, and clean up that we did not have plenty of help--and this was on a day that it was cloudy, misty, windy, and COLD! Although it was actually great running weather, it was tough on those in the volunteer tents and the timing area. Michelle Bates (with the soccer hat, and Diana Mar worked with signup, with the lap counting, and aid stations all day long.

Everybody did their best to find parking places, and filed in before the race, eager to get going so they could WARM UP! There were far more long pants than shorts this day!!

I barked out directions for the race, sending the six hour runners off with a 15 minute head start. The idea behind that was to get the runners spread out on the trailz and hopefully minimize the log jambs where the trail was narrow. I'm sure there were a few congested areas, but I heard no complaints this year.

 We are able to put this race on with runners being treated to an aid station every mile. The first aid stop is hit after one mile, and then after a one mile loop, it is hit again from the other direction. This is the turn-around, and the runners reverse course and return to the start/finish for a 4..2 mile circuit. Shorty was the aid station captain at the turnaround aid stop, which actually gets triple duty. It is still funny to me that a lot of runners never realize that they are hitting the SAME aid station over and over again. One guy after the race was so sure there were two DIFFERENT aid stations out there, that Brian almost thought I had snuck another one in. Shorty had help from Nedra and Russell, with John Nobles helping out here and there.

Dana, Brynna, Edward, Brandon, Jen, Diana, Danielle, and Pam manned the start/finish aid stop, serving bbq sandwiches, scrambled egg and sausage burritos, and the other basic aid station goodies.

Not pictured--the Oreos covered with peanut butter and m&ms. The peanut butter cups and jelly beans were huge hits too. Also, the two flats of brownies went pretty quick, although I had a huge hand in that.

After the runners were off, John Nobles, Diana, and I marked the half mile finishing loop where the runners can tack on additional mileage near the end of their run when they do not have time to complete another 4.2 mile circuit. Then, I ran a loop with Chrissy Whitten, an engagement which has become a tradition. About 3.5 miles into the loop, I saw Dana who had ran a few supplies out to the turnaround, and I ran the rest of the way back in with her. Dana played gopher most of the day, going to the store for more bananas, bread, and bring back several thermoses of hot coffee!!

The finishing chute--at a rare time when runners were not speeding through before taking off for another circuit.Brian Hoover and Mitch Drummond worked feverously all day counting laps and monitoring the stats. Michelle Bates manned the 10-key and nearly froze her fingers off. Thanks you so much!!

Chrissy enjoys a PBJ/M&M/OREO at the Turnaround. Chrissy and I discussed details of her upcoming race in which she is RD--the Warrior Princess Trail Run. This is a great race at Keystone State Park trails and has a 10.3 mile and 10.3 K run. It's April 25th which is on a Thursday this year. I highly recommend it!

The three hour winners: Lori Enlow, Misty Carson, and Jody Lingbeck finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Jack Morrow, Nick Seymour, and Jordan Christy nabbed the top three spots.

In the six hour race, John Stanfield, Justin Walker, and Shannon McFarland were the top three men. Christy Davis out-sprinted Kris Rider to the finish, with Jill Bates coming in third.

We recognized Rondalyn Reynolds for running her record distance on trailz and tacking on 5.5 miles on the finishing loop. We also recognized Brandon and Cameron Plate who ran together most of the day, and at 11 and 12 years old, ran 31.4 miles. WOW!

We had a glitch in the timing which left some gaps in the finishing lap tally. I helped out manually recording numbers of runners as they crossed the mat. Brian and Mitch have worked for hours to get these results accurately posted. They are very close to having it all perfect, and if anyone has a correction, let me or Brian know and it'll be fixed. :-)

 Ken Saveth took quite a few pictures, and I borrowed heavily from his collection. Danielle Martin took the pix of the winners, and I think I also swiped one or two from Russell.

And more volunteers who need patted on the back: Mike Clark, who came early and stayed late, Cassy Russell, Mike Rives, Daniel Sheppard, Kathy Hoover, Edward Lebowski, and David James. I probably have forgot someone. As I said, it's awesome to have such great friends who help out at our events.

A good friend of mine, Laurie Biby, has started her own photography business, and spent the day taking pics at the turn-around aid station. I have stood on this spot in years past to take pictures-- it's a good spot. She took over 500 pics, and I copied a few of theme to post here. These can be bought on her website Beyond Ordinary Life.

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