Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lake McMurtry, and the Leap O' DOOM

There is still time! Time to sign up for what is one of Oklahoma's most scenic trail races. Lake McMurtry has it all--miles of super sweet single track, enough gentle ups and downs to keep it interesting, yet enough gradual downhills to increase your chances of a PR. There are a few rocky areas (but not too many), miles of soft dirt and pine needle covered shady trails that will have you slowing down just to take it all in. And Lake McMurtry has one thing no other trail race has--the Leap O' Doom!

Sign up for this race, and get a super-nice Brooks Podium tech shirt, and a custom crafted finishers medal.

And if you are in the top 3 male or female in either of the three distances, you'll take home one of these amphibious awards.

But back to the Leap O' Doom--we will have plenty of warning signs and caution tape in place so no one runs up on it too quickly. Great preparation and concentration is required to make it across.

Long-time TATUR Mike Snyder put hours of study and research calculating the best trajectory and velocity needed for a safe launch and landing.

Make a wrong step, and it's a long way down to the floor of the crevice. At times, when the lake is up, this channel is flooded and is a habitat to fresh water piranhas.

But usually the canyon is dry, and some runners have taken the time to make the trek down to the canyon floor. It's a good hike, and a great place for pictures. Be sure to pack a lunch and carry plenty of water.

Bill Ford, a Stillwater local, has perfected the leap. Flapping the arms in a bird-like fashion seems to increase the air time and adds 3.5 to 4 inches to the overall distance traversed.

Even a Zombie can get enough hang time to make the leap. These were actually jet-propelled flip flops--and I barely made it!

Jake was somewhat cautions, and opted to take the bail-out trail that has been cut in the past year or so, which heads to the west for a fair distance and then descends into a less steep portion of the canyon before climbing back up the other side to the north. This will add time to your race, but for the faint of heart, it may be a more comfortable option. Better safe than sorry.

You don't want to end op at the bottom of the abyss and still have 24K or 49K to go.

My advise--just do it!!                Sign up by CLICKING HERE.

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