Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Come Slither With Us!!

For six years now, TATUR has put on Tulsa's only Six Hour (and Three Hour) timed trail run. This event is not a set distance, although it is ran on a set course--the Snake Trail on Turkey Mountain. How long is the race? Well, how far can you run in Six or Three hours? For some, this is a 4 mile event. For others, 30-49 miles is within the realm of possibility. Finish with one of the top threedistances, and you get to have this grumpy serpent setting on your trophy shelf!This is my favorite race, from a race director's standpoint for quite a few reasons.
1. It is easy to set up. The course is 2.1 miles of trail that is ran out, and then back. Not a lot of marking involved, although great pains are taken to make sure no one goes off track. There is also a half mile finishing lap that you can tack on extra mileage when time is too short for another 4.2 mile circuit. Other than the start/finish, there is just one aid station.
2. The race is over when it's over. Those slower runners (like ME) know exactly what their finish time will be, and after six hours, everyone is done.
3. Everyone seems to love the race. Since there are so few races of this variety, a PR is almost a sure bet.
4. This race has the most awesome trophies. Scary ones! And the medals have been great the past two years too, thanks to the artistic abilities of Brian Hoover.
5. I always have the most amazing volunteers!!!

I always make the utmost effort to wrangle all the bad snakes from the trailz, although catching a glimpse of this one on the trail would surely increase your chances of breaking warp speed.
Actually, it is rare to actually see a snake on the Snake Trail. And the trail is named not-so-much for the great numbers of snakes, but because of it's serpentine pattern as it meanders through the woods.

But make no mistake: We will make sure this guy does not bother anyone.

Seriously, this is a fun fun race, and if you are wanting to get your start in trail running on some easy trailz, this is the event for you. Click here to register!

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