Friday, March 8, 2013

A New Tulsa publication: The River's Edge Magazine

Tulsa has a new publication that highlights activities, businesses, and developments along the Arkansas River corridor and in West Tulsa. The River's Edge Magazine has just published the second issue, I'm excited about this publication. It's put together well, has great photos, and good writers. It covers a lot of Tulsa history and documents visions and developments of our river, and this one edition features a story on the possible development of the land adjacent to HWY 75 at 61st Street.

The Turkey Mountain article, has input from the River Parks Authority, the property owner Bob Parker, TATUR president Brian Hoover, and Yours truly.
The comments Parker were encouraging.
He states, "I'm a runner and rider, and I use it myself. We think our land would make a phenomenal entrance for the park itself. Whatever gets done with it, we won't let it take away from the natural beauty."

The map to the right shows the different parcels of land in our wilderness. River parks and City of Tulsa controls most of everything east of the north/south power-line. The George Kaiser foundation owns or has interest in two parcels on the west side. The northern part of the red "other" section is owned by the Westside YMCA, and the parcel for sale is the rectangular part in red on the far left. The dividing line between the red and the blue striped parcel is the Pipeline Trail.

This is an artist's rendering of what the developers have in mind for the land. I am guessing that the actual buildings pictured are just that--buildings. They're not necessarily offices, medical clinics, Starbucks, Subways, tattoo parlors, REIs, etc. They're also not what I want to see on our mountain.

 And with a little bit of cut-and-paste, this is where that nice office complex will be. Let's hope somehow this land is acquired by River Parks, City of Tulsa, or the Kaiser Foundation. That office complex would work just as well on the other side of HWY 75, if that land is for sale.

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