Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Night Crawlers--in the daylight

Tonight was the first Tuesday that we ran in Daylight Saving Time. The past few weeks, we have actually started at 6:30 and it was still light enough to run without headlamps for a few minutes, but now we can run at 6:30 for well over an hour before dark.There were 25-30 runners out, and about half of them went with me and the rest went with Stormy to run the Snake Trail. I figured we would all get all the Snake we wanted on Saturday and Sunday, and I needed pictures of the Turtle Rocks for a piece I'm working on. The lesser-known Turtle Rock is on the Trail that Goes to Nowhere. I had seen it last summer, and for whatever reason, could not find it. But today, it showed it's head.

My group indulged me for a group pose. They're all smiling--but we then headed straight UP to the Ho-Chi. 120 feet of climb later, they were probably cussing me under their breath.

We I snapped a quick pic as we ran by the overlook, hoping one of these would work for the article I'm writing. this pic was ok, but I ended up using another pic.

This is the better-known Turtle Rock on the Upper Yellow Trail. I believe there could be a love story wrote about these turtles. Something like maybe an earthquake that separated them, and for centuries, they have been trying to get back together. Might be a boring story, no? Hmmm--the Life of Pi did well....

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