Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Videos and pics of the Prairie Spirit 100 and 50

Here are the two news stories local news in Tulsa did on the Prairie Spirit 100. This link is the FOX 23 story. I think you need to have Quick Time to view it. They had read some of our Facebook chatter, and were very eager to break the story. They interviewed Danielle and I over the phone as we made our way home, and woke Brian up from his afternoon nap for his in-person interview.

The final results of the 100 and 50 mile race--CLICK HERE.

Channel 8 did a story on us the next day, interviewing Kathy and I at RunnersWorld. - Tulsa, Oklahoma - News, Weather 

RD extraordinaire Eric "EPIC" Steele has sent out his recap of the race to att the participants, and included a link to the race pictures. They can be viewed here. All are good. Most are EPIC. One of the EPIC pics is of 3rd place 100 mile finisher John Nobles. Nearly dead, but bad-ass.

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