Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The only negative stuff about the race.

1. Water that smelled like sulphur. We filled water jugs from the campsite hydrants--last year there was no problem with it. To me, it tasted like well water, but did have an odor. We may truck in water next year.
2. A gripy lady who insisted on driving the "speed limit" of 45 MPH. Edward advised her to slow down, and she took offense to that, even though 45 MPH is an almost reckless speed on gravel roads, and was a real danger to our runners.
3. A white dog who followed runners all day long, covering ultra distance. I saw him at Savannah Corner when I went out to pick up drop bags, and he was laying in the road wiped out. I saw him again a couple hours later when I picked up the aid station stuff. Same place. I tried to get him to eat some bread, and left a whole loaf for him. Hope he's ok. I just could not take him.
4. The local sheriff, or at least Barney Fife, who came by Hard Up Ahead and made Earl and Chuck move the porta-john off the road. The road is wide enough for 3+ cars, but we had to put it in the grass on a slope where it teetered.
5. A ginormous truck filled with so much stuff that had to be unloaded. Unpacking is always the hardest part.

Race report will be finished tomorrow.

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