Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pictures taken JUST TODAY!!

I made a quick trip to Pumpkin Holler today. I took 80 letters to residents around the course reminding them that there will be crazy runners running around for a couple of days, asking them to pin up the mean dogs, and keep a close eye on the friendly ones. Last year, a basset hound followed runners halfway around the big loop, and never came home.
I was amazed at how colorful some of the trees were. Hwy 10 is a beautiful route all year long, and parts of it are postcard pretty now.

This is the short section of pavement we run on between Hard Up Ahead, and Bathtub Rocks. It's only three miles, and is actually a nice run. You can make up a little time on this section.

Much of the route on the course is under a canopy of trees.

Water is flowing at Bathtub Rocks. You can easily cross without getting your feet wet.

But I recommend stopping, taking off your shoes and socks, and soaking in one of the natural tubs. The healing waters will refresh your feet, and you'll feel brand new.

From Bathtub Rocks, you'll have a couple of good climbs. These amazing hills actually grow during the night, and by the third loop, rival Colorado peaks.

I was only on the last nine miles of the course, and it seems the Illinois follows the loop all the way around. You'll see it at mile 4, and then again a few more times including this spot about three miles from the end of the loop.

The last leg of the race has a lot of fan support. Several friendly horses cheer you on. It really seems like they wish they were running with us.

When you finally see this bridge again, you are very close!!

There is a lot of water flowing down the Illinois too! I was glad to see it. The last couple of times I have been down, the river was way down.

Lots of prep work is yet to be done. Tomorrow is shopping day when we buy a couple thousand dollars worth of food stuff, and then load a couple tons of aid station supplies and other stuff in a big truck and leave for Eagle Bluff, which will be out home for a few days. Can't wait!!

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