Sunday, September 30, 2012

This fall has been busy for racing. But there is a trail race this weekend that you should not miss. Turkey and TATURs was Tulsa's first ultra, and it is the race that started the trail running BOOM in the area. This is the 7th year for the race, and the format has not changed--choose your distance between a 50K, a 25K, or a 10K.
This race uses most of the trailz on Turkey Mountain, making six passes on the east mountain, and winding all over the west side on the pink trail.

You'll run along the shores of Lake Logan before venturing onto the Pink trail. The 10K course stays on the pink trail, and the 25K and 50K cross over onto the east mountain before returning on the pink.

Since moving the race date from mid September to early November, we have been treated to great fall foliage. It is the absolute peak time of the years for brilliant autumn leaf colors.

There are a few technical sections on the east mountain and the pink trail, but it's mostly quite runnable.

Bring your iPods if you like. For back-of-the-packers like me, I run most of my second 25K loop alone.

Bring your camera too. Most of the course is a postcard scenic.

Like wooden bridges? We got em.

TATUR has the best aid stations, bar none. Come hungry, leave happy. (and tired, probably.)

This is Pepsi Pond--the Lake Tahoe of Turkey Mountain. This is early in the race for all distances, and also late in the race for the 50Kers.

This year, we are providing awesome tech hats instead of shirts. TATUR shirts and memberships will be available at the start/finish. Plus, BBQ, and other goodies will await those who have worked up a good appetite running. Click here to sign up!

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