Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feast your eyes on these pics.

It is time to get serious and get off the fence if your thinking about about the 2nd Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd. This stroll through the hills of eastern Oklahoma, and along the shores of the beautiful Illinois River is a virtual art gallery, with miles of well maintained gravel roads.

There are a few changes for this year--fine tuning a great race into an even better one. We are adding a 25K option. The hunnerd mile, hunnerd K, and 50K will all start at 8:00 am, with the hunnerd milers getting their extra out-and-back out of the way early. At 10:00 am, the 25Kers will be turned loose. The staggered start will help the start/finish aid station traffic. The 25Kers will enjoy the secret "Waffle Stop " aid station that only the hunnerd milers got to see last year. They will also see another aid stop at the Nickel Nature Preserve before turning back for home.

Another addition is to the ultra distances is the Great Gourd Challenge. This is an "elective mile" you can choose to skip, or do. At the East of Eden aid station, you can turn and head east, and up a nice hill to a table where you will be awarded a special pin/medallion you can wear with pride--station that you conquered theGREAT GOURD CHALLENGE. Remember--this adds a mile to your race. You do not HAVE to do this detour--it will add to your race time--and you can skip it if you wish. If you're in the 50K, and you accept the challenge, you will finish with 32 miles. But you'll have some extra bling to show off!

We are adding one aid station for the ultra distances, and moving another. There will be an aid stop at Bathtub Rocks, and another ~3 miles later on the banks of the river. This allows more aid in the later miles of the race--when it was getting a bit warm last year in the afternoon.

Finally--the best advertisement for this race is pictures. Enjoy.
Enjoy the bridge crossing. There is a sad possibility that this bridge may be removed next year. It's possible that it might remain as a pedestrian bridge--we're working on making that happen.
You'll run along the shores of the Illinois in several places.
Approaching Savannah Corner.
The party here never ends.
Bathtub rocks is a major landmark. I recommend a foot soaking here.
There's some good crowd support along the way.
The above pic is the site of the newly relocated Last gasp aid station.Seeing this bridge means you're finishing a lap--or starting another.

The healing waters of the Illinois. It'll take the ouchies right off of your feet.

I hope you join us this October 20th, 21st. We will be posting more details via email, Facebook, and here as the date arrives. We will probablu have another training run in the upcoming weeks. Click here register.

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