Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two Januarys ago

Was sorting through pictures for no particular reason. These photographs were taken a couple of Januarys ago with my Olympus camera, the one that seemed to give me fits. But this day, it was doing a good job.
Taken in Sapulpa at an old forgotten cemetery--it's cold quietness seemed to call to me. I listened, but all I could do is breathe and admire. Russell and I revisited this spot a month or so ago, and plundered 2 or 3 geocaches.

I'd like to say this is from an old abandoned farmhouse through the remnants of a fence set by early settlers, but it's from my parking lot at work--a shot of the canvas of a mid-winter sky.

This was from the Botanical gardens on one of our Tuesday Night Secret Society runs. I miss those days.

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