Thursday, September 27, 2012

A good friend running for a worthy cause

My good friend Ken Saveth of Know No Boundaries is running Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd.

Ken has one 100 miler finish to his credit, and will be giving it 100% in trying to earn his second belt buckle. Ken is never afraid to try races that seem improbable to finish, which fits in with his philosophy to push one's self beyond any self imposed limits they might set for their self. His website documents his continual quest, but there is a lot more to Ken than tooting his own horn. Know No Boundaries is a non-profit organization which raises money to help the handicapped. His foundation has raised money to buy wheelchairs and other items for folks who could otherwise not afford them. According to his website, "The recipient of our fundraising is a young man from Sapulpa, Oklahoma named Jason Bowlin. Jason has Squamous Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer) in the lower face and neck area and has been undergoing radiation & chemotherapy and will also be undergoing reconstructive surgery. As an ex-construction contractor, Jason does not have medical insurance so the financial burden has been on "mom & dad". This "financial boundary" is where our Fall 2012 funds are going. We are looking to get donations of $1.00 per mile. On the larger scale, a $100 maximum x the number of donations WOULD help the Bowlin's overcome this boundary."

Ken is seeking people to pledge a dollar per mile that he finishes. And of course, he would like everyone to root for him on his endeavor. I am jumping in on that dollar a mile, and hope I have to cough up a C-Note for him. For details on pledging, check his website.

Ken is also looking for a pacer or two in his later laps. Helping him in the final miles is also helping Jason Bowlin.

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