Monday, September 10, 2012


I've had a change of direction in my running--for the fall season anyway. My desire to run long is there, but it is not the intense run-til-you-drop sort of desire. I am not ready to stop running 100s, but I am putting it off for a few months. A lot of things are on the front burner, and all night training runs have taken a back seat.

What I DO have planned for the next few months is:
1. Paying a bit more attention to my job. My job is as good as I make it, and by being more diligent, the rewards would facilitate more running, vacations, and relax time in the coming months and years.
2. Moving. If all goes well, we will close on our new(er) house which is CLOSER to Turkey Mountain in a couple of weeks, and the long process of moving will begin.
3. Plotting and marking courses for Keep It Wild, Purple Stride, Terrifying Turkey Trailz, Turkey and TATURs, and the Half and Half Marathon.
4. Running each of the above races. And enjoying shorter distances.
5. Finishing my 11th FlatRock 50K within the time limit.
6. RDing Pumpkin Holler and having the best ultra event in Oklahoma.
7. Get through the holidays with minimal issues.

I do have a 100 miler in March in the cross hairs.

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