Monday, September 3, 2012

Things that are bothering me

I am selling a few things that I no longer need. Craig's List was good for selling my pool table. I had several calls. I got what I was asking, but the second caller insisted I sell it to him, and he would pay a LOT more than what I was asking. (Was I selling it too cheap? Maybe.) So, I entertained selling it to him, and he did not show but did call after he was late to say he wasn't coming. He said he'd call the next day, and called as the original caller showed up. I just told him it was too late. I should have put it on eBay.

The pool table was a HEAVY piece, and 5 guys came over to lug it out of the house and load it on a trailer. Tikee, our white cat with tabby patches, evidently ran outside and I did not notice. Later in the afternoon when I crashed on the couch, I eventually noticed it odd that she was not in my lap. I looked in all of her usual hiding places, and made sure she had not got shut into a spare bedroom. Nothing. She rarely goes outside, and when she does, the garage is her safe place. Not there. This morning, I walked the neighborhood, and the neighbors across the street thought they might have saw her, and that they thought some neighbor kids around the corner had her. The dad there looks seriously like a meth-head, a slob who should always wear a shirt but wasn't, and acted deranged. This same dude burned rubber in his van passing some bicycles on Elwood a few months ago and swerved hard as he passed to scare them, and then turned down his street to go home. What a douche. If these people have Tikee, they probably have fed her to their pit bull chained up in the front yard. Worried sick.

I talked to an old friend this morning at a race, and we caught up with the goings on of our family. He asked if I had heard that Carl Wilson had died. No, I had not heard. He died of lung cancer--he had been a heavy smoker for much of his life, and had turned his life to God and was an amazing transformation. Gone was the drugs, the drinking, the smoking, and he became a father to children he fathered and a husband to a woman he had treated so badly for years. I had lost contact with him years ago. It was sad news, albeit it late news.

He then asked if I had heard that David Thompson had died. A brain tumor. No, I had not heard that either, but this is something I should have known. David was my ex-brother-in-law. There was a time after my divorce that we were not civil, but later, all the bad vibes in the ex-family were soothed, and I considered him a friend. It seemed so weird that no one told me. Even my son did not know about it.

The thing that bothers me the most is my loyalty being questioned.

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