Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Purple Stride Trail Run Preview

Can't wait for another trail run on Turkey Mountain? Wanna see how well you can do on a fairly easy 5K trail run? Put the Purple Stride Run on your calendars. October 6th, a Saturday, is the day for this event. Sponsored by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, this trail race may attract hundreds of serious runners, casual runners, and walkers. The proceeds go to fight pancreatic cancer.

There is a timed event, an untimed event, and a one mile fun run. For my friends who want to run it for time, be there early and line up near the front. I suspect that since the race is mostly single track trail, there may be a bit of a logjam in places. For the casual walkers, I would suggest taking it easy climbing the first hill, and then enjoy 2 full miles of easy trail before descending to the finish line. My TOT group ran the loop this evening, and I'd be glad to give anyone the tour on Tuesday evenings or Sunday mornings at our TOT runs.

(Click on the map to enlarge it.)
To give the runners a bit of time to get spaced out, we'll start up the Powerline Trail. Have no fear--we are not climbing Lipbuster. The race will tuck into the woods and follow the Blue Trail for a while. Then, we'll run the Enchanted Forest Trail aka The Bunny Trail to some. We'll finally pop out on the upper Yellow Trail aka the Ridge Trail and followit all the way back to the Parking Lot. I may need to do a moinor tweak here and there to get it as close to an exact 5K as I can.

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