Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A new loop

Beginning of a loop of unknown distance
Starting out with a hill
a BIG hill. about 199.4 feet of climb
Entering a tunnel of pines
Token tree shot into the sun--you KNEW there would be one
Ok--more than one
Perfect day for a run. 80° with a north wind in my face
Revisiting an old friend
My friend--a 115 year old house
Halfway through--if this loop works out
Another hill. Worse than the first
Five cheerleaders
More tree upskirt shots
Another hill--thought it might be the last
Shamless selfie--luve me sum trailz--especially ones new to me
Pretty sure this is the right way
This HAS to be the last hill
Home stretch--I'm finally sure of it
Where I parked
The little out and back was where I took a wrong turn. Upon further review, I could have went that way.

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