Monday, March 12, 2012

Life is perfect

After a productive day of work, it was time for a run. 85° is too hot for some, but I love to get a good sweat on. I ran with my friend Bobby, and we ran some crazy interval thing which required running at close to our max pace for 8 minutes--until it really started to suck--then we walked for a minute. Then we ran like crazy for 6 minutes, walked one, ran for 4, walked one, ran for 2 and we were done. He is into this very strict regiment, training in his optimum heart rate zones and following it to a tee. Great fun. A type of training I never do. I loved it.

Then it was dinner with Dana and some friends. A place where we thought we could not eat and stay on our diets turned out to have many items that were Weight Watcher friendly, and GOOD. (And not expensive!!)

There was live music from The Fabulous Two Man Band, a piano playing maestro, and a drummer.They (he) took requests, and played old obscure songs from the 70s and then asked trivia questions, which I aced, and earned a free margarita!! (Yes, I counted the WW points!) The music was loud, and the conversations with my friends went unheard, at least from me. I would see this duo again.

I needed my evening Starbucks--a perfect nightcap for the likes of me. A tall blonde with a shot of whipped cream--the BEST!!The evening skies have been alive with the planets putting on quite the display. Mars and Mercury are brighter than ever, but the interlude between Venus and Jupiter seem to punctuate the warm evening skies--a sign that things are getting better all the time.

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