Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Lake Trailz

Here's how it happens. I am in an out-lying area on a sales call, and have an hour or so of down time between appointments. I decide to do some geocaching. I like ones that are hid in the woods, especially around lakes and creeks. Such was the case yesterday, when my search took me by Claremore Lake. I found two really easy, and the third search was unfruitful. The next search was called Happy Lake. I parked where I thought would be a good place, and noticed a TRAIL heading into the woods.

I turned the geocaching app off, and the runkeeper app on. Could it be that I was discovering another trail??? YESS!!!

This network of single track is very new, and does not get a lot of use, but was well marked and easy to follow. It led its way winding through a fairly dense wooded area, and came out atop a small bluff. I liked the stone point overlooking the water. I thought this was a leg of Claremore Lake, but later discovered it was actually a separate body--Happy Lake. I am guessing there is around four miles of very nice single track, with only a few short technical sections. Below these bluffs are some small caves. The video below has a couple of pan shots as well as me rambling a narrative. Sorry if I put you to sleep!!

Of course, I am putting this on my TRAIL GUIDE. There are no maps that I could find on Google of this network of trailz. I did not cover them all, as there were a few turns at intersections that I did not have time to take. 
This map will get you there though. I am pretty sure that if you can cover four miles, you will eventually get back to the trail head without getting lost. I plan on going back in a few weeks when things get a little greener for another go at it.

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