Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What works for me

I think winter is gone. We whipped it. I am already finding ticks when venturing off the trodden trailz. Chiggers will be waking up soon, too. I am sure to be itching in the coming months. I used to "itch for the cycle". Kind of like a baseball player who gets a single, a double, a triple, and a home run in the same game "hits for the cycle." Having a chigger bite, a tick bite, a mosquito bite, and poison ivy all at once was "itching for the cycle." Mosquito bites quit itching after an hour. Tick bites itch for a week. Chigger bites, being more numerous, give me fits for 2 weeks or better. But poison ivy was the worst. I'd get into a batch, and it would NEVER go away. It would spread from a couple of blisters to large welted areas up and down my legs, on my arms, my furry belly, and in other regions I will not mention here. I was a poison ivy magnet. I swear I could be looking at a National Geographic, see a picture of the dreaded vines, and start itching. Doctoring the maddening itch with lotions and ointments did little to slow it down. I'd mix salt in with the lotion and grind the salt into the rash to make it burn--the burn was better than the itch. Scalding hot water from the shower felt insanely good. Nearly every time I got poison ivy, I'd end up at the doctors for a shot or a steroid pack to get in in check.

But poison ivy is one thing that will not make me itch anymore. The folks at Zombie Runner have a prodWuct that builds your immunity to Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. Oral Ivy is drops that I take daily. Each evening, I have my senior cocktail (Metamucil) and I have about 5 drops of Oral Ivy mixed in. It is tasteless, and since I have been taking it, I have not had a single episode. And as you know, I routinely romp through the woods on and off trailz. One bottle lasts me all summer, and it's the best $12.00 I've ever spent.

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