Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thinking about trying trail running??

For those few runners in the Tulsa area who have "thought" about trying trailz but were worried about getting lost, I have the answer for you. A group of crazies (the TOTs, which stands for Training On Trailz) are meeting on Turkey Mountain every Sunday morning (7:30 AM) to run for 3-7 miles.Generally, we break into a faster group, and a more moderate paced group. (I don't really like to call this group slow, although doing the math and figuring our pace would make us seem a bit pokie!) If there are enough people, we will have an in between group. The slower Supermediate group usually runs for around 90 minutes and covers 3-5 miles. The faster group will run the same-ish amount of time, and cover 5-8 miles.
Come often enough, and you'll see every trail in Tulsa's urban wilderness, including the Westside YMCA, Lake Pepsi, several caves, Scum Pond, the Petroglyphs, the Opossum Skull Trail, the SOB Hill, Lip Buster, and the sight of the Snowman Faceplant. We occasionally make field trips (trail trips?) to other locations in Oklahoma. We have a trip to Scipio (some new trailz near McAlister), and a trip to Robbers Cave in our near future.

Sunday mornings don't work for you?? We also meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 PM.These runs are shorter, and are divided into the same paced groups as our Sunday runs. There are a few who come early for a few bonus miles at 5:30, but the early runs are on your own, but it's usually no problem meeting up with someone to run with.

Hang around with me, and you're likely to get your picture taken. :-)(Thank you Susan W, for this pic!!)

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