Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday TOTs

My Sunday Morning TOT group stayed all on the east side of the mountain this morning. A question was asked about a picture taken of the Turtle Rock, and where it was posted. This rock is on the upper Yellow Trail, and I frequently stop for a group pic there.
This pic is from earlier today. My plan was to find this turtle's twin, which is on the south end of the mountain. I thought is was on the Lo-Chi, but evidently I was mistaken. Or it ambled off.

Following the Lo-Chi (or Jurassic Trail, as like to call it) requires climbing I Want My Mommy Hill. Clint actually RAN the hill. I was a ways back, but when I got to the top and sucked a sufficient amount of air, I turned my camera on for a quick video. 

From there, we took the Ho-Chi to the Sitting Rock. It was pretty hazy, and an overlook picture of the Tulsa Skyline was just not happening.
So after another group pic, we headed back on the upper Yellow, and then broke off onto the mid-trail, and dropped back down to the Ho-Chi (lower Yellow. After the overlook, we dropped down again to the trail to nowhere, where I thought the elusive Turtle Rock HAD to be. I am now sure that it ambled off. Just to prove that this rock DOES exist, the pic below is one I took last month.

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