Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Geocaching, trail finding, and camera apps

It was a day when I got to do a little of three fun things. Geocaching, trail finding, and playing with picture apps.

A geocache hidden near 61st and Sheridan was easy peazy lemon squeezie, and while finding it, I saw what looked like trailz heading up and over a hill. Could it be???
YES!!!! They were sorta jeep roads, and there was some bonafide single track, although it was not miles and miles like I would have liked to find. :-(
But beyond this little bridge was about a half mile of hidden trail wandering this way and that. It appeared that there were either a ropes course here, or maybe a zip line years ago. Nothing operable now, and I would not call this a destination trail adventure, nor am I putting it on my trail guide, but it just goes to show that there are trailz EVERYWHERE! Even in the country on plots of land where no one would think of going for a mt nike ride or a hike, there are cattle trailz and deer trailz, and sometimes these are hidden gems. Ok ok, other times, they are a good wayt to get your shoes all trashed--watch your step.
After negotiating everywhere there was to go, I moved on to my next geocache.
High atop the hill east of Sheridan on 61st Street, I found my third of the day. It was mega-hot, and I called a hat trick good enough. But not before I fiddled with some of my iPhone camera apps.
Galvanized steel separating the brilliant colors of summer. What a trip. DUDE!
And to top off my hippie mood, another altered shot of yours truly.

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