Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am submitting a challenge to anyone who reads this and loves trail-running. I have compiled a trail directory, theTZ Trail Guide, and I would like to add more trailz to it. So, I am challenging you to find new trailz that are not currently on my list.

Here's the rules:
1. You'll need to glance over the current trail collection to make sure your secret trail paradise is not already on my list.

2. The trailz should be within a 75 mile radius of Tulsa. I might fudge on that a few miles, but I'd like them to be within an easy drive from here.

3. The trail must be at least two miles in length. A two mile trail is still pretty short, but an out-and-back gets a four mile run, so let's make sure it's at least 2 miles in length.

4. They need to be dirt or gravel trailz. Not interested in sidewalks, asphalt bike paths, chat trailz around a retention pond. If you find a winding twisting gravel/dirt road through hills and woods, I'll consider that.

5. I need directions so I can check them out!! See--there's something in this for me too. Take a picture or two while you're at it.

6. Let me know of your find. Comment here on this website, or on my Facebook page, call me 918-814-6433, email me

7. What's in it for you?
A. I will list them on the TZ Trail Guide, and give you credit for the find.
B. I'll give you your choice of a $20.00 Quik Trip Wally Card, OR a $20.00 RunnersWorld gift certificate.

Happy Trailz (and share them with good old TZ!!)

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