Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tulsa Swim

August 19th, I'll be volunteering at the Tulsa Swim, a new event in the area that is all swimming. Just like a tri, but without the bike and that darn run thing they always tack on at the end.
The event is at Lake Heyburn--30 minutes southwest of Tulsa. This is the same venue as the Tulsa triathlon, so a lit of swimmers will be in familiar water. This event features a 500 meter, a 2K, and a 4K. For the truly ambitious, there are some doubler options--the 500 meter/2K, and a 500 meter/4K. I may soak my feet a little. My friendRobert Ray will be doing the double, and I'll be cheering him on, as well as pulling wetsuits, serving food, and working on my tan. If you're inclined for some swim swim, please consider doing this great event. Or come out at 8:00 am and offer some fan support.

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