Monday, July 16, 2012

Mid week runs, and new camera apps

There was just enough time to squeeze in a mid id week run last week. I have not had time to post pics since I have been busy doing race reports but new camera app pics are fun, and Jake likes it when I post his pictures too. He wants his own Facebook page. Dogs these days are so spoiled.
This the Lomo Lens app. The perimeter shadowing is cool.

This is from Camera Plus. I had this app a year or so back, but deleted it. They have made upgrades, and the reviews were so good, I re-installed it.

Camrea Plus again. It takes such a quick shot, that even Jake, who rarely holds still for pictures, is clearly in focus.

And the Lomo Lens again. The shading makes me look skinnier.

Finally, a Fish Eye Lens. I don't know why I like this--other than it's just different. Was there a time when this was the best a camera could do?

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