Monday, July 23, 2012

Into the wildwood west of Chandler Park

I took a quick "spur-of-the-moment" run in the wildwood beyond Chandler Park tonight. As a variation, I accessed my enchanted playground from the TCC west campus, on a hidden trailhead. I guess my trusty Canon was at home, but at home I had guessed it was in my car?!?!? So, these are the best of 28 pictures taken with my CP Pro app in my iPhone.
It had to be a short run. I had time for maybe 4 miles before dark. The intent was to run the Powerline Trail, which is LONG LONG LONG with more hills--longer and steeper hills than the trail of the same name on Turkey Mt. After the first climb, I stopped to take pics. No surprise here, eh?
Two climbs, and I decided to turn back. Yes, there was a good moon out, but the last half mile climb to my car was heavily shaded and blessed with rockus plentius.
Pictures can appear to present a faulty timeline. Looking into the sun, you can see the night staking it's claim, but a eastern snapshot shows a lighter sky.
One last look from the top of my last hill under the highlines. The waning orange orb is framed by branches of old oaks.

And I did find my Canon--in my car on the floor almost under the console.

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