Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Muscle Maker Grill

After a hot 5 mile trail run on Turkey Mountain, me and about 16 friends went to the Muscle Maker Grill, a new restaurant in Tulsa Hills. MMG is in a small retail space right south of Peach Wave, and specializes in healthy but very delicious salads, wraps, and various entrees.
We had eaten there the night before, and I had the Rocky Balboa, which was so good, I ordered it again. It is grilled chicken and turkey meatballs with low-fat mozzarella cheese and marinara. It is available in a low carb option, which eliminates ~100 calories. The low carb tortilla was every bit as good as the regular one. Last night, I had western potatoes, but tonight I had the vegetable medley as my side. Both were food.
Dana had the Godfather, which was a grilled chicken breast with portabella mushrooms and roasted red peppers over tender broccoli with a low-fat mozzarella and a vinaigrette. I will order that next time in.
The whole staff was friendly, and gave us samples of their mango smoothie, and sugar free cheesecake. Both were excellent.

The thing I like best about this place is they list the calories, and all the nutritional data on every thing on the menu. You can order something, and know exactly what you are putting in your mouth, which helps immensely when carefully following a diet. If there are any drawbacks to MMG, it is that they do not offer fountain drinks or ice--only bottled water, juice, and sodas. They do have very small cups for water, but after a trail run, I can slam down a couple of quarts of water/tea/soda. I may bring my water bottle in next time. And there will be many next times. :-)

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