Monday, December 17, 2012

Who knows the dude with the confederate flag on his mountain bike?

I'm on a mission. There are not many things that get me riled. Well, ok ok--there are actually quite a few things. People who smoke around me, people who cut in front of the line of cars on the expressway as it comes up to road construction, people who litter, people who let their mean dogs run loose in the neighborhood and tear up my Christmas yard ornaments, and the dude who pulls course markings for our races. The latter annoyance is one I am trying to fix. Some dude with bad teeth, and who rides an old mountain bike with a confederate flag has been caught a few times lately pulling our ribbons even while we were marking the course. I am not sure if this is the same guy I caught red-handed before Turkey and TATURs. Russell and Derk met this confederate flag guy last Saturday as they were making trailz along 61st Street, and the guy left seeing that two guys out-manned any agenda he had. Yesterday, Dana and I were pulling ribbons along the same area. I was near Rock City, and Dana was at the Piplline Trail right at 61st when this guy came by with ribbons in hand. I do not have a problem with him or anyone pulling markings AFTER the race, but this dude had a nasty attitude, yelling at Dana that we "needed to clean up our mess." Dana FIRED back that that was just exactly what we were doing (the very next day after the event.) "Well, there's a whole bunch of them down that trail," he bitched on. Dana retorted that she knew exactly where they were and that was where she was going, and he needed to stop his BS. He hurriedly exited to his bicycle and pedaled away. Dana don't take no crap.

I have a real problem with a freaky nasty toothed creep talking at all to my wife. This guy is on my list.
No, this is not him--just me playing with Photoshop. But I want a picture of him. I have a reason for wanting a picture. If anyone can get me one, I really need it. If anyone else has seen this guy and knows anything about him, or what his story is, I want to hear from you. I believe he is the one who is constructing the piles of debris that blocks the entrances to the land near the Pipeline Trail where low-lifes were littering earlier in the year. I actually like it that he takes the brush that people dump and constructs blockades. No trash has been dumped there in a few months.

But this dude needs to know a few things.
1. Removing ribbons before a race sabotages an event, ruining a runners race--often one where the runner has trained for months.
2. Most TATUR races raises money for charities, such as the west side YMCA which helps sends kids to summer camp, to Pancreatic Cancer Research, to RiverParks (the Keep it Wild Race raised $1100 which goes toward putting security cameras in the parking lot which will help to deter car break-ins and after-hours lewd activity. The Half and Half Marathon collected lots of toys for less fortunate kids for Christmas.
3. TATUR, and any race I am involved with picks up their course markings after the race in a timely fashion.
4. We are not bad people. I would welcome his help after the event. If he cooperates. I am generous. I'd pass a shirt his way, let him run with us, enter a race if we wanted, and we could be friends. (Ok, that might be a stretch, but I'm willing.)

So, if anyone knows more about this guy, email me at, call or text me at 918-814-6433, comment here on my blog, or on Facebook.

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