Wednesday, December 26, 2012


2012 has come and is nearly gone. The year is old, about to be put to rest and soon an old calendar with Labradors comes off the wall making way for a new one with Labrador puppies.

It seems people I used to hang with are OLD, but my running friends are young like me. I hang out with some runners who are actually my kids age, and often I'm the oldest in the group--by far! Yet doing what they do keeps me believing I should be doing what they do. Strangely enough, I believe they don't think about me being so much older. Or maybe they're just being polite.

A Led Zepplin tribute aired this evening, and the band that my dad gave me hell for listening to as teenager look old enough to be my grandpa. In the tribute, a lot of "younger" bands did covers of their songs, and some of the guest performers were has-beens. There were not any modern day artists doing any of the Led Zep standards, because they surely had not heard them, did not like them, and were nowhere near talented enough to do the songs justice.

I have known people who suddenly aged overnight, looking like they must have woke up with scaly tags of old age hanging all them. Old age crept in like a bed bug infestation, and itching only made it worse. They just gave up and went from 40 to 60 in six seconds flat. Why did that happen? Was it an extra candle on the cake that sent them over the edge? Was it a job lay-off, a class reunion, a changing of the calendar?
Old age wants me cozy on the couch and in bed at 9:00. But I want to run until 9:00, letting the moon light my trailz. I'll sleep til I have to wake up, yet beat the sun up on the weekends. I'm not fighting getting old--just laughing at it. You think you gotta shot at me?

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