Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas festivity, and the destruction thereof

I'm not a big fan of putting up Christmas lights and yard decorations. But I am married to a woman who is--so we have some nice Christmassy light and yard arrangements. The past few nights, we have noticed some of the yard dispalys have been knocked over. Hey--the wind blows in Oklahoma. But this morning, the yard looked like a battlefield.
Dana's favorite penguine was headless, and it's poor body ripped up.

The old Christmas goose was toppled again, and it had teeth markes in it as well. We have been in our new (to us) house for about two months, and often we are greeted in OUR yard by the neighbor's pit bull mix, and her pup. They claim our yard is their turf, and they do their best to defend it--barking, showing teeth, and they do not back down. They patrol our front porch like it was theres. There is no way we can let our cats laze around on the front porch, and no way we'd let out grandkids venture out into the back yard. A nice privacy fence is on our wish list.

Santa's sleigh was ran over by a mac truck, driven by our canine friend demon-dog. All told, about $170.00 worth of Christmas decorations (all bought on sale--so buying them new would probably be twice that) are destroyed.

It's not the smartest pooch on the block either. It left a trail of Christmas debris leading right back to their house. So, I marched right over, knocked on the door--and no one was home.

The devil dog was tied up redneck style to a dog house--the pup was no where in sight. The obnoxious dog told me to get my ass out of their yard, and I did. But our neighbors noow have a notice from Tulsa Animal Control on their door, informing them that they have had a complaint filed. It's just one step. They will be required to keep their dogs contained, and whhen they get out again,, we have to complain again. Then something else happens. I'm not sure of the due process. The complaint is does not identify us, but I am sure they can figure it out. I do hate stuff like this. I like having good neighbors, and most of them are just that.

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