Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tuesday Night Crawlers run 5.2 miles at Mohawk

Have I mentioned how much I like night running? On trailz?
The Tuesday Night Crawlers is where Stormy and I introduce the thrill of running in the woods at night to our running friends. Tonight, we ran at Mohawk, and may or may not have been somewhere on the northeast side of the park.

Every day things take on an eerie aura at night. There might be a troll under the bridge, on a giant anaconda lurking in the swampy creek below. We see eyes in the woods staring back at us. Things rustle away as we pass. Beavers, large turtles, or hideous swamp creatures dive into the murky waters as we run by. Sometimes--well, like tonight--a bunny crosses in front of us. John chases the bunny and just as it tucks into the thicket, it raises its bushy black and white tail, showing that it's more of a skunk than a rabbit. (Dang, I kinda wish he'd got sprayed. It would have been the story of the year!)

A funny thing happens. Our friends tell their friends. These new friends then bring someone to try night trail running. Tonight's group was a showing of this phenomena.

Night pictures are tough, especially with my iPhone. My Canon works well if I can keep it still enough while shooting. My tripod helps. Photo-editing helped a little tonight, and these looked better as black and whites.

The Tuesday Night Crawlers will most likely move to the Botanical gardens next week. Stormy or I will make the announcement in a day or two on the Tuesday Night Crawler Facebook page.

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