Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas!! (in case the world ends tomorrow)

People close to me know I am a semi-bah-humbug guy. I know--shame on me. But I do actually enjoy putting up the lights--especially after all is done.

Taking them down is another matter. At our old house, the icicle lights stayed up for 4-5 years and only came down when we moved!

I may take them down this year though. Dana did all of the yard ornaments. The dog next door remodled them. Dana repaired them. The end-of-the-world high winds we had today laid them all out again. And I wired them back together.

Thought I'd get one last picture of them. The fire and brimstone will finish them off tomorrow.

For your listening pleasure, here are two songs which were on YouTube's list of worst Christmas Songs Ever. I actually like them both. See if you can get through them.

I don't know if I'd listen to the Christmas Dog again....but the Cat Carol is a classic. I have listened to it several times so far this year. I love it!!

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