Friday, December 21, 2012

Robin's Roast Coffee

I found an local independent coffee roaster that I really like. Robin's Roast has been in operation for a couple of years providing fresh roasted coffee and supplies to the Tulsa and the surrounding areas. During my morning coffee, I read email and Google stuff I like. Wednesday morning, I was looking for someplace where i could buy several packages of coffee for Christmas gifts, and found Robin's Roast.

Steve Williams owns and operates this up and coming business, and is expanding by distributing a variety of coffees with his online store. Steve roasted 8 lbs of Brazilian and Colombian beans for me, and I had the pleasure of breathing the aroma for a few hours in my car as I went about my day. By the time I got home, I was watering at the mouth for a brew--but Dana talked me into waiting til morning. (I did munch a few beans while eating Dive Chocolate Minis--sort of like making chocolate covered coffee beans in my mouth!) But more about Steve--it's a small world. Turns out, our paths had crossed a year or so ago when I visited with him about some windows for his parents house. (Of course, there are a lot of Steve Williams in the world, including Tiger Woods' former caddie.)

Right now, if you want to order coffee, you'll need to contact Steve a day in advance and he will roast your order upon your call. I picked mine up at their location on south Mingo, and got to see his operation--large burlap sacks of raw beans brought in from all over the world, and his roaster which to me is a work of art. I have a place for this in my sunroom!

I drink a lot of different coffees--often having as many coffee choices on hand as I have running shoes in my closet.
And today, I'll be calling Steve to order a few more pounds of coffee--some for me and some for stocking stuffers.
Ho ho ho.

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