Tuesday, May 14, 2013


June 16, a racing event like Tulsa has never seen will be held on Turkey Mountain. Anyone who has ran, hiked, or biked at TM knows about the hellacious trail running parallel to Elwood that goes straight up to the top. It's tough power-walking it, and even tougher running it--but still, people do repeats there running up and down over and over again in their intense training sessions. Some people even admit to LIKING this type of self inflicted torture, and even I have done six repeats once (broken into sets of three.) But how far can people take this? Brian Hoover and I have decided to put that to the test.

One hour--and how many times can you go up and back down again? Runners will run 1/4 of a mile up to the top, and then run back down--and repeat--many times. We'll send the runners off in heats beginning at 7:00 am. Up to 50 runners will enjoy the slightly cooler temps with the early start, and we'll see how many are still active after 60 minutes. Then at 8:15, we'll have a competitive heat, limited to 25 competitors. We expect some fierce battles with several lead changes. The winner may well be the one who can scream back down the hill the fastest in the 59th minute. There will be prize money in the competitive heat--$100 for first, $65 for second, and $35 for 3rd for both men and women.  The non-competitive heats will not have prize money, but bragging rights are almost as good as cash.
 The 1st 125 entrants will get tech singlets in men's and women's sizes. Men's are purple, women's are royal blue.

There are a few people who have asked what the hill is like. Picture a 12 story building, and you have to get to the top floor. You can't take the elevator. The stairway? Nope can't take that either. You gotta take a steep ramp that has loose dirt and rocks all over it. I have created a course elevation. This is all it takes to earn a medal--just go up, down, and then repeat. (You can't call it hill REPEATS if you just do one! One is just a PEAT.) And yes--it's hard--but you can do it. Notice the beginning and end of the incline. that part is RELATIVELY FLAT.

And what a medal it is!! This grizzly hunk of lips is 4 1/2" and could possibly be the grossest medal on your shelf.

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