Thursday, May 23, 2013

pics on the run

I've been a slug this week, but I believe I can slough that off as an excused absence from running--since I did the 100K in 3 days (A tough feat but far easier than the 100K done a few weeks earlier.) The tornado news was a factor--I am not glued to the TV, but feeling the pain seemed to dampen my enthusiasm for the run. But today, it was time. Jake agreed, and we set off for whatever miles we ended up doing. Garmin was purposely left at home, but I did take the camera--and a baggie to put it in just in case. I was looking for colors in the midst of drab--kind of like my mood.

Looking for peculiar camera angles in a world where everything is familiar is a fun challenge.

I played with this picture, making the poles eclipse the buildings, moving forward, moving backward.

I liked this one the best, and stretched it a tad for good measure.

My road pace, which at best dips just under nine minutes per mile, was shot. Many walk breaks were taken disguised as photo ops. Good recovery runs are like that. I was playing with a color swap app on my phone that sort of worked. I helped it with a photo editing app on my desktop. Just playing--I need more practice.

This was taken with the color swap app, with a boost in the contrast. Or maybe it was the drugs.

No trickery here, except for a little cropping. Then, I ran for about a half mile.

I had grand visions for the City of Tulsa sitting on a bridge. It seemed so surreal, but the picture falls short. So I just kept jacking with it til I sorta liked it. Very well thought out meticulous photo editing. HAHA.

There was no editing or cropping here at all. Just ask Mario.

I put my camera away, and ran the 1.75 miles back home, narrowly beating the hard rain. Jake got his run in. I shook out the aches and pains left over from the weekend. And I got some pictures to play with.

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