Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fine Dining on Turkey Mountain


The Tuesday Night running group, known by some as the TOTs, and to others as the Tuesday Night Crawlers, enjoyed an hour or so of frolicking around on pristine single track in the Urban Wilderness not far from the zombie cave. 50 something people ran, divided into a couple of enthusiastic groups, thrilled to enjoy 77° degrees and a cool southern brteeze. Life is good--very good. And after our run, it got even better.
RiverParks sneaked in quietly as we ran our run, and set up several tables and chairs, spread cloth table cloths, set the tables with Chinette plates and wine glasses, set out salad bowls, dressings, nut trays, and tatur salad.

A huge charcoal grill was an artscape for master chef Edward perfected 60 chicken breasts.

Fine dining calls for fine wine. We had both kinds--bottled AND boxed.

Not everyone stayed for dinner--their loss. But nearly 30 hungry and grateful souls were treated to a formalish sit-down dinner with a full wait staff. Besides the amazement of having dinner served expected, we talked of running stuff. Past races, upcoming races, running in mud, running in heat and cold, who had a recent face plant, of gnarly blister--you know--trail-runner stuff. Blood and blisters go well with grilled chicken and boxed wine.

I caught a couple of the attentive wait staff--the brains and driving force behind this banquet--Matt Carver, and his head waiter Brian Hoover. I was giddy at having such an awesome feeing after such a perfect night of trail running. Thank you Matt and RiverParks. You are amazing!!

What an odd sight this must have been to passers by. And the great thing--anyone can join us. Our Tuesday Night/Sunday Morning group runs are open to anyone who wants to show up and run with us. We have groups that will fit anyone's pace, and bigger we get, the more groups we can have. There may end up being a fast group, a medium fast group, my group (zombie paced), and even a walking group if we get enough interest in that. And join our group, and you can partake of such awesome feasts (when we have one again.)

More thanks--Chrissy and Danielle who helped set up, and pack things away. Scott Smaligo for helping pack things away after the meal, and Edward for helping with the planning, setting up, and cooking.

John Nobles, Matt, Edward and Stormy dreamed all this up just last Tuesday. Get these guys together, and sometime great things happen. Good times.

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