Friday, May 10, 2013

TZ an early favorite to WIN

My next racing event is 3 Days to 100K The Oklahoma Way. This is an easy 25K Friday night, a tough 50K Saturday, and an unknown 25K on Sunday (it may be a tough one too.) Kathy Hoover with the help of Derk and Barbara Pinkerton are putting this first year event, and it will test the mettle of all who go for this multi-day race.
What's the best strategy for an event like this? Conventional wisdom would suggest going easy the first day, and conservatively the second to assure there IS a third day. I do happen to know that the first day is paved, and a course I have ran MANY times. I always seem to run this stretch well, and I intend to run it at 99% effort. With a smaller field, and most of the runners reeling it back, I want to beat their butts. This may be my first WIN! I expect to finish top five for sure. I also expect to pay dearly for this tomfoolery the next day, but I'll have bragging rights.

So--what say you?? Anyone wanna come out and give me a run for the money? Are you gonna let a 50-something pudgy dude make you look bad? I need someone to push me. How about this--if you are reading this, and have not ponied up the entry fee for all three days, come out and run the first day. It'll cost you $35.00, and you'll get a shirt and medal anyway--and a 15.5 mile run with aid stations. You'd pay that for a 5K. Do it--set me back a few places. Or maybe you won't!!

You can sign up here. BRING IT ON!!

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