Friday, May 24, 2013

A few things

First off--I am stoked to have a THREE DAY WEEKEND. Plans are to have dinner with TaturCakes and maybe a movie this evening. Then, around 6 miles on trailz tomorrow morning followed by a birthday party sometime tomorrow--midday??? Then, a 20 mile night run with Kathy and my RW friends. I cannot do much more than 20 though, because early Sunday morning, I am going to Lake McMurtry East Side to run trailz with my Sunday group (TOTs). I plan on 13 miles there, but that is subject to change depending on who all needs to go what distance, is it raining and nasty, how hungry I am, have I been snake bit, or eaten by a wild badger. Monday--maybe another long run.

Second, I am bummed about what I thought might be a good writing opportunity. Hub Pages. It is an online magazine about anything anyone wants to write about. There is supposed to be some way to actually make a modest income for contributing significant amounts of content. I wrote one article, but the thing is formatted so hard (very much unlike the blogger platform I use here.) I have submitted one story, and it had a few readers, but I am pretty much dead to them now. I have tried several times since to submit another story--and it will take written copy, but not pictures--OR, it will take pictures only with short captions. I wasted two hours last night trying to submit what was basically a past post, and a good story if you don't mind the sound of me patting my own back. So, unlike most guys, I asked for help. Their response was
Excellent questions, Ken, and I'm glad that you asked them!

Some answers:
1. Content on HubPages cannot be published anywhere else, so it will not be possible to cross-post some of your blog posts.
2. Text and images must be entered separately into Hubs (our articles) using the HubTool, so even if you have deleted a given post from your blog and waited about a week (to make sure our systems know it is not published elsewhere), you unfortunately will not be able to paste the entire post's HTML into our HubTool.

I guess I should not be disappointed about that, but I am. In looking at LOTS of the articles published on a variety op topics, many are poorly written, and most are just ugly layouts. The look like a Wall Street Journal with an occasional picture and plenty of random ads. I had AdSense once on this site, and took it off because I felt like I was selling out. I do not want to advertise for a pig wrestling 5K, of super deep discounted running shoes in some New Jersey outlet shopping mall. I may tinker with it again, but I'm not gonna cease publishing what I do here to put stuff on Hub Pages.

I am excited about a new TRAIL RACE CALENDAR I have put together. This list is 95% pavement-free. It's a calendar for trail runners who want to do trail races, and are tired of wading through page after page of Saturday morning road 5Ks to find a fun race to run. Find a race here, and go run in the woods with your friends. It's that simple. 
I have left out all the spectacle races--warrior wannabe dashes, tuff muddas, jump over the hay bale runs, dive in a pig slop mud pen races, etc. Yes, a lot of these are ran off road, but they are not at all in the true spirit of trail running and being at one with nature. If someone is offended that I have left these off, I have good news: they can make a spectacle race calendar. Brian has put it on the TATUR webpage, and I have a link for it on the left column of my blog, and on the TZ TRAIL GUIDE as well.

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