Friday, May 3, 2013

A few words and pictures from the Warrior Princess Trail Run

It's been a week since the Warrior Princess Trail Run--and I love this race and am sorry to be tardy in doing a zombie-ramble on it. The next day, I left for Kansas, and came back on Monday hobbling and humping to catch up at work. Plus, I have misplaced the camera I took the race pictures with. :-(
But I did have a few on my iPhone and I've swiped a few from the Warrior Princess page. Michael and Chrissy, along with Miss Piper catch their breath just before things kick off.

Right around 5:00, people started rolling in. Keeping with the under-the-sea little mermaid theme, this balloon sculpture was the focal point of many pictures.

I was out checking on possible course marking vandals, and most was good. All EXCEPT an aid station table being STOLEN on the road portion--along with a few orange cones. Bubba and Billy Bob made out good.

Beautiful custom made finishers medals awaited all the 10.3 mile, 10.3K and 1.03 mile runners.

Over 150 runners participated in this 3rd year event. This year, the women outnumbered the men 110 to 41, with more females than males in every distance. Impressive!!

Bill Ford aka Bagel Billy from Stillwater--owner of Old School bagel--furnished tons of bagels and cream cheese. Much carb loading was done before and after the race.

Tom Robinson adjusts his false teeth, while sizing up his competition. He was slobbering thinking about whether he could win his age group. Tom brought his granddaughters, who are getting caught up in trail running. It's a real sickness, you know.

Brandon and Cameron made up a third of the men's field in the 10.3 mile race. If it's a trail race within a days drive, you can bet they'll nag their dad into taking them there.

This is a Maggie Cooper pic of her--and Venus. Trail runners that they are, they took the easy route this evening. Probably saving their energy for the weekend races.

Mitch Drummond timed the race(s) this year. Jenni Hawkins was his right hand man (woman). Thank you both for all your hard work and expertise.

AT 6:00, the 10.3 mile race commenced. Half of this race was on the mountain bike trailz, which meandered over hill and dale, and across several water crossings. It features two miles of fairly technical trail--lots of rocks, and then settles down finishing with 3ish miles of fairly smooth single track. The next 5.3 miles were an out and back on old HWY 51--an almost forgotten asphalt road along the river bottom of the lazy Arkansas.

The 10.3K race was all on the road--heading down the same way the 10.3 milers eventually went, but detouring onto a short out-and-back to make the distance come out right. Both races, and the 1.03 mile fun run, had the pleasure of a 1/2 mile steep climb back to the finish line. A true Trail Zombie-style course. :o)

As the runners finished, refueled (remember the bagels?), and socialized, the top three winners were recognized for each distance.

Jordan Christy, a TATUR, won the 10.3 mile trail race. Jordan has been in the top three in several local trail races and I was glad to see him get the win.

Pam Young, another TATUR, was first female in the trail race. When I get the final results, I'll post more details on the other distances.

Thanks again to Michael and Chrissy, who worked tirelessly putting this race on. I have seen Chrissy work herself into a frenzy on this race in years past. This year was slightly more relaxed due to her volunteers, and to nice pre-race weather.

Yes, it's a fun race, but the real reason for the event was to celebrate the memory of Lillian Grace, who was with Michael and Chrissy for 103 days. I know she is smiling from heaven as we do what we love remembering her. As has been done each year, a sky lantern was lit and watched as it drifter out of sight--a nice finishing touch to a magical event.

Keep an eye and an ear out for a new running event in August to celebrate the day Lillian earned her wings. The plan is to have a 103 minute run in Chandler park. Chrissy and I are working our course details, and will divulge details as we have them!!

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