Friday, March 28, 2008


Today, I ran with the RunnersWorld group as I do on most Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have had a lot of so-so runs in the past week, usually starting out extremely sluggish and after 2-3 miles, my legs finally wake up to do their job. This evening started out much the same, but after a mile, it was as if I had shed a load of weight and I felt light on my feet. I ran 1/2 mile with Bobby and Alan and they turned back at 1.5 miles so I went on. I cranked it up to maybe a 10K pace and ran into a stiff north wind for 1.5 more miles. It was then that I met up with Gloria, who is training for OKC. She ran a very steady pace and it was a little work to keep up with her, but we ran and chatted all the way back to RunnersWorld. I thanked her for pushing me all the way, and she laughed and said I was pushing her. All in all, I had a good run, which I really needed. I have been running 50+ per week and it's nice when it feels like a little progress is happening.

Then it was home to do the evening ritual of building a little fire in the chimnea and feeding the dogs. Every night, they require massive amounts of dog food (yum!) and 50 ear scratches, 25-30 belly rubs, a dozen or so pats anywhere on their torso, and 3-5 face licks. No pictures taken today, but here is Jake about 16 months ago.

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