Saturday, March 15, 2008

Night after a long day before a big race

Oh my goosh, I am beat! This morning I showed up at RunnersWorld for my usual Friday of playing with shoes, and spent most of the day signing up people for the St Patricks Day 5K.This is the 1st big 5K of the year in Tulsa, and is one of the biggest 5Ks in the state. Last year, there were over 1800 runners, and I imagine it will top 2000 this year. There were throngs of people flocking in to sign up. It was wall-to-wall people all day long.
Maybe a thousand people came in to sign up, and many bought shoes and GUs, socks and shot blocks. It was exausting, but fun all the same! 

The race shirts, which we were running out of as the day went on, always has the same leprechaun, a jolly sort with a rotund face, and seems nothing like the leprechauns I envisioned as a kid.

 I always pictured them looking more like this....

Of course there have been other famous leprechauns in history. I really don't think this one would go so well on a race t-shirt that benefits Special Olympics.This guy is on a lot of shirts though. He always reminded me of Mike Snyder who is the most Irish guy I know, even if he is Scottish!!

I'll take my camera out tomorrow and take some race pics. Should be lotsa green!

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