Monday, March 17, 2008

through with work at 4:00 pm

Today I finished my work early. I had planned to run with Taylor's Titans, a group of up-and-coming young runners sponsored by Kathy Taylor who Kathy Hoover coaches on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Today, however, the run was cancelled due to threatening weather (that never materialized.) I thought about just chilling on the couch....catching up on Oprah, maybe work a few crosswords. Scooter thought that was a good idea, although I think he just wanted some lap-time.
I stepped outside to say "hi" to the dogs, and they had another idea on how to spend the rest of the day!So, I strapped on my Tevas, filled a water bottle, and Rocky and I headed for Turkey Mountain.

We went through the woods to the top of the hill, as I wasn't ready for Lip Buster yet, then we headed west. I wanted to check out the area where the proposed commercial developement is. There are not many trails on that portion of land, although there are a few. The plot they want to develope is actually quite flat (I am assuming they want all of the flat land) and there were plenty of wooden stakes with pink ribbon marking their intentions.The flash on my camera was on and I'm guessing it drowned out the hot pink in the ribbons. These stakes run 1/2 mile north 1/4 mile west of HW75 and mark the rectangle where the slabs of concrete are to begin. However, I see this section developed as a great place for a winding series of single track "S" turns.

Then we hit the YMCA so Rocky could swim. I wish I liked swimming as much as he does.

After that, we spent an hour working on the course for the evening edition of this years Barkley Book Fair. I would post pictures of some of the course, but it would do no good since you all will be seeing it at NIGHT! One hint about this years course: I did get my feet wet!

It is at this time that I want to claim my prize....for the 1st tick-bite of the year!!If you click on the picture, it will enlarge and you can get a close-up of my hairy leg, and you can see a little inflammation around the bite. I actually brought two of these critters home with me today, and donated a little blood to each of them.

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