Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Runs

I had commented on a friends blog about running two-a-days, and even 3 different runs in one day. It is a way to get in a good total of miles without feeling like you did a "long run". Last Wednesday, I actually ran 3 different times, once with Coach Kathy and Taylor's Titans, and then with all 3 of my labs on Turkey Mountain, and then a night run on the Snake trail with Dana. I ended up with 11 miles. Today, I was back up running on the track at McLain and ran with one of the teachers (the Colonel) who helps out with the new runners. We ran 3.5 miles at a 10:30ish pace and chatted all the way. After the run, I headed over to Lake Yahola aka Mohawk Lake and ran the perimeter trail.It is 3.3 miles around the lake, of which 3 miles are on a nice soft dirt/chat road. It is pancake flat, and the lake if a great place to run at sunrise or at sunset.It is common to see deer grazing on the north end of the lake at dusk, although I was a little early today. Last summer I spotted 3 deer grazing just out of the thicket and they were nice enough to pose for a Kodak moment.I ran the loop fairly hard by my standards, averaging just a little under 10 minutes per mile. By working in an extra run a couple of days per week, I have upped my weekly mileage into the upper 50s and the old body is not protesting too much!

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