Wednesday, March 26, 2008

an update on Dana

Dana and I ran part of the Snake Trail the weekend before last, and on a nice smooth downhill section with no rocks, and no roots, she found a small lone stump, kicked it hard, and after 2 frantic recovery steps, flew horizontally for a few feet and hit the dirt with a hard thud.It was a loud thud, and I was sure she was hurt, but other than getting a little muddy, she was fine.

Then, last Saturday, we were running down the same trail, and in the exact same spot, she kicked the exact same stump, and landed face down again in the same muddy patch of trail. This time, however, she bruised her elbow and twisted her arm. She said she felt something pop.Monday morning, she went in for an x-ray, and was told nothing was broken and to take lots of vitamin I, rest, and give it 2 weeks.

I have been commissioned to either hack that stump out of the trail, or paint it bright pink. I am thinking maybe doing both. I think it would make a great conversation piece on our fireplace mantel!

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