Sunday, November 9, 2008

A new toy for grandbaby (and Grandpa)

This afternoon, I bought my granddaughter her first wheels. Oh she had a Little Tykes scooter and 2-door sedan, but today I bought her a JEEP.Now normally Jeep brings 4-wheel drive to mind, and this vehicle has only 3 wheels. But in this case, less is more. This unit is EFFORTLESS to push, unless you are going up the west side trail on Turkey Mountain below the parking lot. But the bonus here is that it makes hill-work more like WORK.

I bought this ATV at Babies-R-Us, brought it home, loaded up Makenna and she and her grandma, Mon and Dad went for a little run down the lower paved bike trail.I ran ahead a little and met up with Bobby, Susan, and Michael. Bobby and I ran out 2.5 miles and back. Then I ran back and finished up my 8 miles with the fam. I did manage to run the whole uphill pushing Makenna in her new wheels.She laughed and chattered the whole way, although I think she got a little sleepy before her ride was over.

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