Sunday, July 21, 2013

Warrior Princess Angel Run

Mark this on your calendar--the Warrior Princess Angel Run is August 3rd at Chandler Park. My awesome friends Chrissy and Michael Whitten are moving the annual Warrior Princess Run from April to August, and giving it a new twist. This new race is sort of like the Snake Run in that it's not a prescribed distance, but a prescribed time. Whereas the April run at Keystone was 10.3 miles or 10.3 kilometers, this race is for 103 minutes. It'll be run on a loopy out-and-back through the maze of boulders at Chandler Park, which is an amazing place to see and run through!
 From the starting line near the rec center, you'll descend onto the trail from the west, and run alongside these amazing rock formations that are popular with rock climbers, rappellers, and boulder hoppers. You';; pop back out on top of the bluffs, and then descend again to a turnaround on the lower level of the park. From there, you'll return and you'll see your friends and competitors along the way. You'll run on top for a while, and then descend into the maze and we'll send you back up a hidden staircase where you'll get to traverse the Leap of Faith, a narrow crevice where sure footing and a little momentum will come in handy.

Run as many of these 1.03 mile circuits as you can in 103 minutes. You can stop at one, of crank out 10 or so of them if you wish. The trailz are a bit rocky in places, but runable most of the way. Near the end of the race, if you finish a lap and still have 13 more minutes to go, you can start another lap, and have the lap count even if you are a little over the 103 minute cutoff.

The medals have never disappointed. There are a few people who have them all, and seeing them all side by side makes me wish I had the whole set!

Another friend, Lauri Biby, put together this video which is worth a watch.
Don't miss this fun event. I am pretty sure there has never been a running event through these trailz, and it'll be an adventure!! CLICK HERE to sigh up.

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