Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday on Turkey

The Tuesday trail running assembly was huge yesterday, with 60+ runners mulling around at 6:30 ready to swarm the trailz and sweat. It was in the low 90s--perfect July weather, but what was not perfect was the 90% humidity to go with the warm temps. In less than 50 feet of trekking, my shirt was certifiably icky--the pungent aroma of zombie perspiration. The trailz had a feel of the jungle, with all vegetation in hyper-green mode. We divided the slower group in half before we even left the parking lot. There was a fast group led by David, a medium group led by Matt, and the slower group morphed into two packs before we even left the parking lot. Edward took the zombie shufflers, and I led a group of walkers.

 From left to right--Tonya, Erin, LaTonya, Kayla, Katelynn, and Dusti. These were no ordinary walkers. They had the power-walking thing going on, and it was all my short dwarf legs could do to stay ahead of them--I stealthily snuck in a shuffle-step every few seconds or so to keep from being perceived as a pitifully slow walker! We ran a serpentine route that I like which includes a climb to the top, a bit of blue, possum skull, more blue, a good dose of bunny, and a yellow finish. Most of the trailz were clear, but there is still a good sized tree down on the eastern side of the blue trail.
Snakes seen--0.
Chiggers--6 for me.
Pesky flies--5000.

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  1. The nice thing about the flies is that extra protein if you need it on the run ;-)