Monday, July 29, 2013

Saturday in the park

I didn't race this last weekend--in fact, I didn't run long really at all. But I did get out for a few miles early with Dana and Melon.

We were up right at sun-up, and did an easy seven in such cool temps for late July that is seemed just plain wrong.

We ran the Zink Lake loop, and went south to 41st st and back, and burned off just enough calories to justify bacon, eggs, hash browns, and homemade toast.

Melon took our pic near Zink Dam. Clearly, I was coffee deprived at this point.

Saturday was my birthday, and I spent the remainder of the day mowing grass, and then dinner with a few close friends. I also have the matter of my 54 somethings to do, which I'd like to do next weekend.My friend Ken Saveth and I usually do something crazy together to celebrate another calendar year conquered. Stay tuned....

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